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MyBiotics is a pre-clinical platform microbiome company closing the gap between probiotics and clinical microbiome products and treatments.

MyBiotics is a microbiome company aiming to improve people’s lives and health by greatly improving existing probiotic solutions.
MyBiotics’ team of experts and scientists developed a novel robust method for formulation, delivery and colonization of beneficial live bacteria in patients, with long-term health benefits. Based on this proprietary innovation, MyBiotics developed 3 main technologies – MyCrobe™, SuperDonor™ and Super Donor Select™ that target specific medical indications, and tested the technology in a real environment.

MBX-SD-201 and MBX-SD-202 utilize the company’s capabilities and may become the first alternative for FMT offering a safe and reproducible microbiome restoration product. The company developed various technologies to produce clinically effective products using single and multi-strain fermentation combined with advanced formulation discovery capabilities.

The human body consists of about 100 trillion microorganisms in the intestines, a number ten times greater than the total number of human cells in the body. The metabolic activities performed by these bacteria resemble those of an organ, leading some to liken gut bacteria to a “forgotten” organ. The microorganisms in the gut carry out important and useful functions in the host, such as fermenting unused energy substrates, training the immune system, preventing growth of harmful and pathogenic bacteria, regulating the development of the gut, producing vitamins for the host, such as biotin, B-12 and vitamin K, and producing hormones that direct the host to store fats. Ingestion of processed foods, excessive use of antibiotics, and the sanitary customs of modern life , erodes the bacterial population, and changes its balance. This can results in overgrowth of harmful bacteria, yeasts, molds, and parasites that can be difficult to eradicate. For instance, reduction in the level of serotonin, or vitamins secreted by the gut microbiome affects our health and mood.

The importance of the gut microbiome has long been recognized, but only recently has the importance of gut bacteria imbalance been recognized as a crucial factor in various diseases and health conditions. The company’s proprietary technologies such as MyCrobe, SuperDonor™, SuperDonor Select™ and other supportive formulations and discovery technologies allow MyBiotics to be in the front of the microbiome clinical field. MyBiotics technologies resolve the most critical factors in the probiotic and microbiome development market: Delivery, Targeting, Colonization and above all the ability to use beneficial bacteria as final effective products or treatments. MyBiotics has the capability to use single and multi species compositions and even has the ability to copy a donor sample and use it to treat hundreds of patients.

SuperDonor™ whole microbiome restoration is the first artificial method to produce human based FMT product, the company also uses the SuperDonor™ technology for screening various conditions and prediction of  the potential effect on the human microbiome in an external process.

The bacteria delivered using MyBiotics technologies are potentially capable of shifting unbalanced bacterial communities, often associated with a diseased state, to a healthy one.

MyBiotics focus is to restore the bacterial population to its healthy and balanced state by using live bacteria that will colonize and compete with the existent disease-promoting population.

MyBiotics’ focus is to return the bacterial population
to its healthy and balanced state

By using live bacteria that will colonize and compete
with the existent disease-promoting population.