MyBiotics team identified a list of gaps between potential use of human bacteria and an actual clinical effect when formulated into a final product. As so the team developed platform technology capabilities supported by discovery, analysis and collaborative teams to produce human-bacteria-based products with proven clinical effect.

The technology platform consists of 3 arms: discovery and collaborations, unique production technologies, and advanced formulation enabling the execution of a final product.


MyBiotics is developing products based on various technologies that make them superior compared to other technologies and provide value in any stage of the process. Using the bacteria without any genetic modification, our final material allows them to survive under extreme conditions related to the production, formulation and GI conditions, and demonstrate much better colonization in the target site.

MyBiotics technologies include advanced fermentation and formulation technologies, new delivery systems as well as discovery and co-culture capabilities that are part of the company’s IP portfolio.


Single strain fermentation and formulation technology

MyCrobe™ live bacteria culturing, delivery and colonization technology is an industrial fermentation and formulation set of processes for single strain or single strain premix product development and production.
Making almost any culturable human and non human strain a potential product allow us to develop human core based probiotics products.

The process was developed and tested using various strains and models showing significantly higher value in the process from production to final colonization.

Our raw material is highly stable to GI conditions such as bile salts and acid, heat and even antibiotics, and therefore have higher clinical potential in many of the known microbiome related indications.

MyCrobe™ products utilize nature’s ancient method of bacteria introduction and colonization to the human body. It combines this method with the bacteria’s most efficient survival tools to overcome the body’s natural barriers and colonization challenge. Unlike other probiotic products, MyCrobe™ helps beneficial and necessary bacteria to thrive in our body and improve our health.

The first two products based on MyCrobe™ technology, MBX-MC-101 tablets and pills for antibiotics associated diarrhea and a combined treatment for vaginal dysbiosis are both under stability assessment towards commercialization.


Whole microbiome production and recovery technology

A disruptive technology that allows us to take a snapshot of a selected human sample followed by an industrial process that can potentially replace the highly efficient FMT. We currently have the ability to copy and produce a selected human microbiome sample, and manufacture a powder representing very high similarity to the original sample.

This technology was further optimized to develop the company’s first drug candidates, MBX-SD-201 product and MBX-SD-202 treatment that can use one sample to treat hundreds of patients.

MyBiotics 2nd generation delivery technology for multi bacterial products will be used in our whole microbiome and feces free FMT product line. This revolutionary technology provides a powerful healing, microbiome restoration and screening tool to replace fecal transplant and allow long term recovery treatment for a variety of medical indications.

This technological breakthrough allows us to gain and maintain bacterial resistance and colonization in cases where whole microbiome or complex bacterial combinations are required.

Initial results show very high resemblance to human feces and healthy microbiome with indications of new species that were not yet cultured.

SuperDonor Select™

Next generation multi-strain technology

MyBiotics developed various technologies to grow multi-strain probiotics. The company harnesses its discovery capabilities to identify core interactions between specific bacterial groups, and screen for relevant metabolites that can improve such interactions. We have been able to combine our fermentation and formulation knowhow to improve the culturing and production of hard to grow anaerobes and human core bacterial strains. The co-culture and cross interactions will become the next generation microbiome treatments, and in the future will enable a pre-designed per-case and personalized microbiome treatment and medicine.

MyLiveIn – Discovery and AI program

To enable new products and improve processes we have recently established new discovery programs

  • Computational program for artificial design of desired human sample. The platform enables better understanding of the bacterial interactions and play a role in the company’s co-culture and human bacteria projects.
  • Predictive Microbiome – our biological platform was also designed as a screening platform which in some case allows us to predict the effects of specific compounds, drugs and conditions, on the human microbiome composition. 
  • Artificial donor bio-bank – we have been able to modify and adopt donor samples to create a long list of biological microbiome compositions, enterotypes that can be used to produce new products and become a tool for preclinical screening of complex communities.